New Friends

We love visitors and new people at Abundant Life Church! One of the ways we invite people to connect with us, find out a little more about our vision and mission, as well as meet our team, are at our ‘New Friends’ lunches! Hosted bi- monthly following our 10am Service, we would love to invite you and your family to join us!


Johanna Bostock

Starting Point

Do you have questions about faith that you want answers to? Have you just become a Christian and want to grow in your relationship with God? Have you recently come back to Church and want to reconnect with God, or maybe you don’t fit into any of these boxes but just intrigued to find out more? Then Starting Point is for you!

Starting Point is an 8-week course where you can have conversations about faith. It is not a place where teachers give you answers and information, it’s about a conversation! This is your chance to learn the basics of faith and freely ask questions with others in a safe, supportive environment, that will really challenge you to think differently about who you are and who God is.


Steve and Laura Bain


DNA is our first step for all those who would like to make Abundant Life Church their ‘home’ and become a volunteer. At our DNA Sessions, you will be invited to look beneath the surface of our services and gatherings, and find out more about how the Church operates on a weekly basis. You will also find out how you can become a volunteer, and participate in our basic induction training.


Matt Sharples