Next Steps

We are all on a journey of faith and our Next Steps team are here to help you on whatever part of the journey you are on. It could be in an area of Connection- meeting our team, making new friends, or finding out more about the mission, vision or values of Abundant Life Church. It could be a step of Faith- finding out more about water baptism or discipleship; or maybe its a step of Gifting- discovering your unique gift and getting involved in the life of the Church through volunteering. We would love to hear from you!


Johanna Bostock


DNA is our first step for all those who would like to make Abundant Life Church their ‘home’ and become a volunteer. At our DNA Sessions, you will be invited to look beneath the surface of our services and gatherings, and find out more about how the Church operates on a weekly basis. You will also find out how you can become a volunteer, and participate in our basic induction training.


Matt Sharples