For us, the Church is not peripheral to the world, the world is peripheral to the church. This means the church we are becoming is God's chosen instrument to see real and significant change happen today. This change is for families, marriages, schools, relationships, health, and finances. Abundant Life Church are part of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC). You can find out more about what we believe here


Matt & Karen Sharples became the Senior Pastors of Abundant Life Church in 2007. Together they head up a team of Elders, Board, Life Group leaders & Department leaders who all have specific roles within the church. We believe in a church where EVERY person is a leader in their own right, leading people from their own sphere of influence; and where EVERY person is living out the calling God has for their lives.


Abundant Life Church was originally founded as Lauderdale Christian Life Centre under the leadership of Ps George & Pat Muskett. In the following years, it became Energizer Life Church under Ps Kevin Towns and later Ps John & AJ Crane; and in 2007, the name was again changed to Abundant Life Church, under Senior Pastors Matt & Karen Sharples.


Matt, Karen and the Sharples Family.




Marty’s Story

“I have found that there is a significant difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus as a person. I have known a life with and without Jesus, and it is clear to me that Jesus has brought me hope and purpose in a way I didn’t know before. I have made my share of mistakes that have affected me and many people I love, but with Jesus at the centre of my life, so many things have become easier: relationships, decision making, parenting and event health. I know that whatever is around the corner, God is always with me.”


The Jacometti’s Story

“We love being part of Abundant Life Church as we raise our own family. Our connection to those who have already been down the parenting path gives us both amazing strength and hope, and plays a vital role in how we grow in our own relationship with God. We believe that we are truly valued and recognised by this church; both as individuals and as parents, and through these daily and weekly connections we feel empowered to lead our daughter on her own journey towards Jesus”.


Pip’s Story

“Our family stands on a great legacy built by previous generations of family, who, although experiencing great hardships in life, lived with an absolute trust and faith in God and were always surrounded by a loving, praying and encouraging church family.

To my husband Terry and I, church is family, and this value continues in our children- that connection to church is not an optional extra, but an integral part of life. This extended ‘family’ have been and still are those extra voices in our lives, that encourage and love us all, value who we are and spur us on in our relationship with Jesus and all that life brings. For us, there is great strength and hope in ‘doing life together’.”


Theresa’s Story

“I have come from brokenness, guilt, shame and hopelessness. I’ve known some really dark days where my only option was one moment at a time. This is tough when you have four beautiful girls and an action packed young man to raise.

Walking into Church for the first time in my adult years was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. What I encountered was life changing forgiveness, love, encouragement and support for me and my five beautiful children.

We are now so full of hope for this next season of our lives, and with the encouragement and support of our church family, we will continue to walk with purpose and in the fullness of all that Jesus has intended for us.”